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Earn 20% Commissions On Our WordPress Design, WordPress Support, & WordPress Optimization Services

We Want To Help Reach More WordPress Clients

Our WordPress affiliate program helps us meet our goal to help as many small businesses grow their businesses through their WordPress website. We want partners like you that are as excited as we are about WordPress and want to help small businesses.

A little background on WordPress and why we use it

Our Web developers are always hard at work developing unique sites that lead to conversions for our clients. But even though each site has its own personality, the platform we use to make most of our sites is WordPress. Why do we choose WordPress over other platforms? Here are our top four reasons why we are in love with WordPress:

  • Google loves WordPress, too: Google treats WordPress sites nicely, which means if you have a WordPress site, it’s more likely you will show up higher in search engine results. The main reason WordPress sites do well in Google is that they have great SEO plugins and permalinks.
  • Free and open-source: According to WordPress stats, there are around 63,395,115 WordPress sites in the world. One big reason so many use WordPress is that it’s free. Many programs claim to be free, but once you reach a limit, you have to pay to keep using it. WordPress is no cost with no strings attached.
  • A plethora of plugins: WordPress offers around 24,259 plugins, and it’s easy to find what you are looking for in WordPress’ vast directory of plugins. The plugins usually take only one-click to install, and you can always find something that meets your website’s needs.
  • CMS Integration: We love WordPress’ content management integration. That means any of our clients can easily update or change their website without knowing an iota of code. WordPress’ fluid, simple design empowers our clients to provide fresh content to their customers, which keeps their customers connected and their sites search engine friendly.

WordPress is one of our favorite online marketing to help us convert traffic and clicks into customers.

What we are looking for in our partners

Here’s what we are looking for in our partners:

  • Must have high ethical standards and positive reviews from clients
  • Email lists that target small businesses, entrepreneurs, and bloggers
  • Passion for helping small business owners
  • Excellent writing skills

If you have what it takes to become a partner, we would love your support and help to market our services so that we can help more clients grow.

Succeed and grow with us

Our team will help you succeed with promoting our services by providing:

  1. Creative banners
  2. Customized links for tracking
  3. Special discounts for partners
  4. Email Swipes and templates

For your help in promoting our services, we offer generous commissions at 20% for all packages.

For example, our Website Design Package is priced at $99 per month, $197 per month, or a flat fee of $2000 – a $400 commission payout – :).

Our monthly support packages (Powered By Pressed) – is $29 and $79 per month – a $6 / $16 per month commission recurring payment.

We offer a full line of WordPress solutions, Design services, Print Services and SEO services. Our one-stop website solution provides an easy way to attract customers and gain multiple avenues of recurring income for your promotion efforts.

Thank you for interest in our WordPress affiliate program. If you have any questions, please call us at 888-780-5106.

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