4 Secrets to Becoming a Successful Freelancer

Whatever your skill set, freelancing can be a good way to support yourself or to earn some extra money on the side. But while it may seem like a simple concept, becoming a successful freelancer can take quite a bit of work and you might not know quite where to start. Here are a few […]


Enhance Your Customers’ Experience by Following These Checkpoints

To ensure that your business is making the right customer impression, start by looking at your storefront. Signs and displays should be welcoming and let customers know you’re ready for business. Hire employees who know how to create a pleasant buying experience. What about your online presence? Is it easy to view, not just on […]


3 Big Mistakes in Marketing That Hurt Your Business Brand

When changes occur in your industry or your customer base evolves, is your business nimble enough to reflect those changes in your marketing campaigns? More importantly, can you maintain the trust of existing customers and build trust among prospective customers without damaging your brand? For many businesses, problems occur when their marketing strategy veers from what […]

Visual Content Popularity Will Only Increase, Prepare Now For It

There’s always something new to learn, an innovative strategy to uncover and a potentially successful hypothesis to use in an experiment. But in the midst of the ever-evolving infrastructureof the online world, one thing is becoming increasingly clear: visual content is the way of the future. Sure, written content will still have its place — at least for […]

Secret Formula to Wealth That All Entrepreneurs Should Know

I was broke until I discovered this secret formula I’ll share with you. Paycheck after paycheck, there was too much month at the end of the money. I was scrambling to pay the bills and student debt. I couldn’t go any further and it drove me to me knees to pray for help. Only Jesus Christ […]