3 Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing

3 Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing

Consumers are bombarded with advertisements, commercials and marketing material on a daily basis. So, when you are attempting to encourage your target audience to purchase your products or sign up for your services, you have a challenge ahead of you. That doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel. Email marketing is still a worthwhile component to include in your overall marketing plan. Here are three tips to help you improve your email marketing results.

Send at the Right Time

If you take a look at the vast amount of data that is readily at your disposal, you will begin to see the trends in consumer behavior. According to Help Scout, understanding a customer’s behavior can help you to tailor your marketing tactics to them. This includes email marketing, and can vastly improve your email marketing strategy and results.

For example, understanding a consumer’s email opening habits can help you to find the optimal time to send emails. In 2017, most people opened emails between 9 a.m. and noon. So far, in 2019, most people open emails between noon and 6 p.m. with 3 p.m. having the highest email opening rate. You can use these statistics as your starting point. The next step is to monitor your recipients’ behavior. If they match the statistics, great. If they do not, adjust your sending times until you find what works.

Personalize Emails

Everyone sees themselves as an individual, and it is becoming increasingly important that businesses do the same, according to Celerant. Segmenting customers is the best way to help your clients feel that they are receiving something curated for them instead of a blanket message that was sent to everyone. Even when you are announcing a sale, it helps to include an item that will be of particular interest to your customers based on their lifestyle, age or something else. If you have a list of thousands, you may not have time to personalize every single email message. Nevertheless, you can at least break them down into smaller groups.

Test Emails

According to Coschedule, some companies who use email marketing have a very specific niche list. When they send out a message, it will often have a high rate of recipients opening it and responding positively to its call to action. Until you reach that point with your email list, you are encouraged to test. Test the subject lines, phrasing, and images you use. Additionally, you have to keep your emails fresh and take into consideration changing trends, behavior, and technology in order to stay relevant.

When doing email marketing, it’s important to always keep ahead of the trends in order for you to get the best results. It may be a difficult process, but the rewards of putting the effort to improve your email marketing are worth it. By following these tips, your email marketing will be sure to be at its best.

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