7 Ways to Get More Email Subscribers With Lead Magnets

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7 Ways to Get More Email Subscribers With Lead Magnets

Business owners and entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to grow their email list. If you are not utilizing your email list, then you could be missing out on a huge potential of growth and profit. Below, we’ve listed 7 ideas for lead magnets that will effectively grow your email list. We’ve also mentioned several tools and resources that will help your email subscribers and make your team look like superstars which will make them huge fans of your business!

A proven method that has been used time and time again to successfully gain someone’s email address in exchange for a valuable piece of content is a lead magnet. Hopefully by now, you are not asking users to join your list by mentioning something like ‘Hey, join our group by subscribing to our newsletter!’. This is an out-of-date method that basically tells the user that you are going to be sending them a bunch of useless spam. Your users do not need more useless emails. Users are wanting something that provides them value. We’ve mentioned this several times in our SEO articles that one of the most important items to focus on for SEO is providing valuable content to your users, not just content written for stuffing keywords. The same holds true for you lead magnets. You must provide valuable content that helps your users solve a problem.

Before we jump into the list of 7 ways to get more email subscribers with your lead magnets, let’s point out a very important tip. 3,4, or 5 years ago, the big trend for lead magnets was to write a ton of content in an ebook. Entrepreneurs or businesses would fill up an ebook with 50-100 pages with content, images, etc. User behavior and trends have changed and users no longer want to spend that much time sifting through content to solve their problems. They want quick hits that will get them going quickly with the knowledge that they have gained from you. Keeping that in mind, below are 10 lead magnet ideas that you can offer right now to grow your audience.

#1: Create a Quiz

When our team designs a website, we work with our clients to figure out what services or problems that they solve for their users. Quizzes are integrated into our designs often as they convert very well and provide users with results that help them, while our clients gain email addresses in exchange for their help or service. A great example of this, for example, is a quiz that we built for a functional health doctor. We designed a simple section for the home page and inner page of the website that grabs the attention of the audience with a compelling headline, background image, and button. Your headline should quickly state how you can help the user, with a sub-headline that states what the user will gain by taking the quiz. We keep the quiz short and sweet, but with valuable questions that are interactive. The user will see instant results that help them immediately and provide further information or contact information that the business can then use to build a relationship with that user.

#2: Create a Template

Business owners that offer a service can easily create a template for tasks that they do routinely or have expertise in. For example, our team offers WordPress website templates that can be downloaded for free with instructions on how to setup a custom website in less than 30 minutes. Another example would be offering a template to users so that they can create something such as podcasts, online courses, calendars, etc.

#3: Resource List

Lists of tools and resources provide great value to people. Users love to read about new shiny tools that allow them to be more efficient in their daily tasks or allows them to do tasks more conveniently and quickly. For example, a web developer would be interested in tools that help them develop web sites more quickly, manage time more efficiently, find help on development work, etc. These tools are valuable to the user and instantly build trust with your company.

#4: Quick Start Guide

Ok, so the previous tip mentioned providing tools to allow users to do something more quickly and efficiently. Now, with this tip, you will provide a guide to help users complete tasks more quickly. For example, if you are a photographer, you could offer a quick start guide on how to use an advanced type of camera. Or if you are an entrepreneur with a niche in tools, you could provide a quick start guide on one of your best selling tools. Whatever your niche, service, or product is, you can easily create a quick start guide that will help your audience.

#5: Create a Cheat Sheet

Do you often find yourself solving the same issues over and over for your audience? You can create a win-win situation by saving yourself time on repeating the answer to your users and by providing them a cheat sheet that will help them find answers quickly. A cheat sheet is a quick one or two page PDF that contains top tips to help your users go through a specific process that would normally take them a lot longer to complete. The cheat sheet is very similar to the quick start guide, but it’s a bit shorter and quicker to read. A cheat sheet for a web designer may be shortcut keys or quick steps on how to design a layered image in Photoshop. Or a functional health doctor may provide a cheat sheet to patients that shows them top foods to eat to maintain or optimize energy.

#6: Checklist

A checklist is another great source to gain email subscribers through your lead magnet. A health entrepreneur could provide a list of 15 items that are needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle through diet, for example. You would format the list so that it has checkboxes to motivate the user to print it out while having your branding to remind the user where they found the valuable information. Your checklist should teach your audience how to complete a task or process.

#7: How to develop a Mini-Email Course


An email mini-email course provides a high value and is easy to setup as long as you are using a great CRM email system such as ActiveCampaign. After a user signs up for your mini-email course, a sequence of emails are generated easily through a system such as ActiveCampaign. It’s a set it up once and done situation where you would setup a campaign in your CRM and fire off a daily email for a set number of days to your users where they receive information on how to accomplish a process or task. This once again builds trust with your audience and builds your brand which in turn will build your traffic and SEO score.

In conclusion, we have discussed 7 Ways to Get More Email Subscribers With Lead Magnets. By integrating and using some of the methods above, you can gain email subscribers, gain customer loyalty and increase your SEO score with relatively little amount of effort and time. It’s something that you can implement right away to see immediate benefits. Your customers and users will thank you for your valuable expertise. If you or your team needs help with ActiveCampaign or getting started with lead magnets, please contact us.