How to Build Trustworthy Websites People Feel Good About

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How to Build Trustworthy Websites People Feel Good About

For your website to work for you and achieve the results you want, you need to create a website that strikes visitors as trustworthy. In an age where security breaches are becoming more and more common, potential customers may not spend time on a website that looks untrustworthy. No one wants to risk a virus destroying their hardware and stealing their information. Additionally, people will not buy from your website, and your conversions drop if they don’t think you’re running a legitimate website. Potential customers leave and find another website that has what they need. There is plenty of competition in every industry, and people won’t have a problem finding another place. Don’t lose customers because your website doesn’t look legitimate. Invest the time and resources to make the best WordPress website you can. Discover how to build trustworthy websites people feel good about.

The Aesthetics

Make your website pleasing to the eye with a few tips and tricks. This is what keeps people at your site for more than a few seconds.

Graphic Design

Work with a skilled graphic designer. It’s important to have a visually pleasing website. Websites that look good attract and retain visitors. A graphic designer can help you build your website with this in mind. A professional knows what colors work well together and which color schemes to avoid. A graphic designer can help you build your brand through strategic logo design as well. A graphic designer helps create your call-to-action button to attract the attention of your visitors. It’s important that the button helps to drive conversions, so it must stand out from the rest of the page with the good use of color as well as white space around it.


To go along with the pieces of the website that include the logo, you need to make good use of pictures. It’s a good idea to use professional photos on your website instead of stock photos. This shows that you put more time and money into your website. Professional photos also add to the overall credibility of the website and make the entire website look professional.


It’s also important to make your website easy to read with an appropriate font for both the business and the design of the website. If the font is too hard to read, the visitor may leave for a different website. Hard-to-read fonts also call into the question the credibility of your website. To boost the credibility of your website, it needs to look like you put some work into it.

Other Aspects of Your Website

The nuts and bolts of your website must work well together to increase the credibility of your online presence.

Mobile Friendly

Almost everyone has a smartphone, an iPhone or a tablet, and uses these devices to browse the web. It’s important to create a mobile-friendly website. People might not take the time to look up your website again later to see if it can be read on a laptop or desktop. Instead, they assume that something is wrong with your website and move onto the next resource. This can cost you many valuable conversions and future customers.

Quick Loads

If your website is slow to load, people may assume that your business doesn’t care to put the time into making sure it functions well. People anticipate that your website should load in no more than two seconds. They don’t have the patience to wait for a site to load. If it takes longer than they think it should, they assume that there’s something wrong with it. If they think there is something wrong with it, potential customers may perceive your business as untrustworthy.

Your Real Address

Putting your real company address and phone number on your website does wonders for your credibility. People can see that you have a physical location and that you aren’t afraid to advertise it. This helps them to trust you. If you put a phone number on the website and answer it when calls come in, this helps build your credibility as well.


Regular content adds value to your website, but it also builds credibility that turns website visitors into regulars to take action.

Plan Carefully

It’s important to take the time to plan out and write the content on your website. You should have your marketing plan in place, so you know what the goals are for your site. Is the goal only to attract customers or are you also looking to attract clients? It’s important that the content that you choose is relevant to your target audience and adds something of value when they visit your website. Make sure you update your products and product descriptions. If you have new products or any that have been discontinued, make sure to update the website right away. Having outdated information and products on your website only leads people to believe that your website is not trustworthy as it doesn’t have current information.

Update Regularly

To demonstrate that your website is trustworthy, you need to be updating your content on a regular basis. If the last date on something was years ago, people would not think that your company is currently active. A great way to add to a visitor’s experience is by adding a blog to your repertoire if you don’t already have one. The two most important things about your blog are posting relevant content and updating it on a regular basis. You won’t gain readership if you don’t make sure that your blog is regularly updated. If you’re just starting a blog or revamping an old one, take the time to plan out content ahead of time. Having a few posts already written will help you to get ahead and plan ahead, so you don’t fall behind on how often you want to post.

Plan Your About Me Page

A planned-out About Me page is a great way to inspire trust in new people that visit your website. This shows people the person behind the company, and then they identify with you. By putting a story and a face to your company, it humanizes your business. People are more likely to trust you if you have an honest About Me page to back up your business model. This is also a great way to inspire conversions because people will want to support you and what you do.

Include Testimonials

Testimonials are great for building the credibility of your company. People are more likely to trust you and buy from you when they see that other people already trust you. Include testimonials and reviews on your website and let them work for you.

Eliminate Errors

Another way to inspire visitors to trust your website involves making sure that you proofread and edit your content. If you have spelling and grammatical errors, it may turn off visitors. Errors like these also demonstrate that you have a poor attention to detail, and these mistakes can throw into question the quality of your products or services. Have someone else read through your content to make sure you haven’t missed anything. You might easily gloss over some mistakes, so it’s important to have others read it as well as they will have a fresh eye.

Stay Active on Social Media

Social media shows you remain active and update your online presence regularly as well as encourage interaction about your industry.

Use an Embedded Twitter Feed

You can embed a Twitter feed right into your website to show that there are active people on your website and social media. Of course, you need first to make sure that you interact on your different social media outlets first before posting a feed.

Create Social Media Buttons

If you have buttons on your different social media accounts on your website, it shows that you are keeping up with current trends. This makes your website more trustworthy and encourages visitors to further engage with you both through your website and through social media. These buttons help expand your reach to additional potential customers and improve your business at the same time.

Respond to People

Whether it’s through your website or your social media accounts, it’s important to respond within 24 hours to questions or comments. This shows that there is someone engaging with visitors and that your company values customer service. If you don’t reply to people who send messages, they will assume that they can’t count on you if they need your assistance with a product or service. This keeps them from purchasing from you in the first place or returning for another product.

If you put some work into building your website and maintaining a high level of customer service, you encourage visitors to trust you and your brand. How customers perceive your business helps dictate the success of your online presence. Websites are how your potential customers check out your company before deciding to purchase any goods or services, so it’s imperative that you make a good first impression.

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