How to Creatively Increase Leads Using Your WordPress Site

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How to Creatively Increase Leads Using Your WordPress Site

Arising from free software, some website owners may be tempted to think that WordPress-designed sites offer little more than an easy DIY web page with minimal impact. Nothing could be further from the truth. Get to know WordPress, and you will find the potential for developing a professional, interactive, effective website that helps to increase leads.

Increase Leads and Convert Users

Yes, WordPress successfully fulfills your bottom line of gathering leads and converting users. With time and creativity, you can generate more leads with this cost-efficient web developing solution. With marketing shifts to digital media and customer-oriented advertising, optimizing your website has become a non-negotiable fact of doing business. This current mainstay of modern marketing campaigns looks to continue as a viable platform, and WordPress is one way to take advantage of this current dynamic. As you are likely aware, your web presence draws the necessary traffic from which to pull leads and garner conversions.

Observe Marketing Shifts

Marketing shifts in targeted leads remove the focus from your company to the customer. Therefore, generating leads with WordPress becomes a bit like inviting guests into your home. These strategies require 1:1 targeting, behavioral emphasis and continued relationships. Let’s look at a few ways to creatively increase leads with your WordPress website.

Meet New People: Landing Pages

Recent research reveals companies with 10 to 15 landing pages generate 55 percent more leads. It makes simple scientific sense, does it not? More space to land equals more catches, right?

Maximize Opportunities

Multiple landing pages present you the opportunity to address internet users with differing interests. When visitors feel addressed directly, conversion potential increases. Specific offers, deals, and steals made available in this way speak to a variety of guests. Segment-specific content converts guests to leads at higher rates than traditional marketing pushes.

Clear Contact Information Matters

Be sure customers can easily find your phone number on landing pages without the need to scroll. Whether guests use it or not, trust and credibility are built with this simple feature. Plus, homepage bounce rates are decreased just by clearly displaying this contact information.

Invite Guests In: Referral Traffic

Guest invitations to your site go out via search engines or other sites. The latter is termed referral traffic. These invitations direct visitors to your site via other trusted websites. With prospect interests linked between the two, referral traffic offers quality prospects that can increase leads and not just numbers.

How to Attract Targeted Traffic

Several ways to garner this all important traffic exist. Infographics, videos, blog comments and guest blog posts discussed in this article are a few such options. Other ideas to explore include:

— Relevant, industry-related online directories.

— Product or service review sites.

— Niche-related online forums.

— And social media platforms.

Wisdom dictates that you get active using these effective platforms to draw referral traffic.

Catch the Eye: Stunning Infographics

We all like eye-catching pictures, hence the popularity of Instagram. If information comes in this format, all the better. Infographics allow internet users to quickly grab vital data and knowledge without reading through paragraphs of content.

Why Infographics Are Appealing

Including infographics on your WordPress site gets your message across briefly and attracts guests. Think about it. These images cater to:

— Lack of time availability.

— Short attention spans.

— Understanding complex data in simple ways.

— And our love of images.

Plus, visuals stick with us. People remember them. In fact, numerous studies led to coining the term picture superiority effect. This concept states just what we said, pictures and images are more memorable than words. Additionally, sharing infographics across social media platforms draws referral traffic. Pinterest offers you the perfect platform for posting these visual tools. Just be certain to link that graphic back to your site no matter where it is placed.

Entertain: Interactive Videos

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a moving picture worth? In terms of lead generation, videos prove much more valuable than words. In fact, a video placed on a landing page potentially increases conversions by 80 percent. This tool personalizes the experience for guests, informs them and brings a sense of security in working with your company.

How to Select or Create a Video

When choosing or creating a video, be sure it is:

— Catchy or interesting topic.

— Creative in content.

— Of high quality with a sense of professionalism.

— Speaks to the problems or needs of your guests.

— And it literally speaks directly to your visitors.

Another venture to consider includes live webinars or on-demand videos. Both of these formats increase high-value leads. Also, consider the points above, and do these creative pieces well.

Feed Your Guests: Outstanding Blog Posts

Quality content values guests. Blogs are a valuable tool to accomplish this end. Well-written, well-researched, error-free, lengthy posts engage potential customers and search engines. These search engines are one-way traffic finds your site. And not all posts need to look the same.

Creativity Makes Your Content Stand Out

Get creative. Use internal case studies, testimonials, question-and-answer formats, success stories, images and infographics to engage readers. Also, consider the issues your audience faces, and write compelling content that provides solutions. If you lack writing skills or time, hire a quality writer because it’s that important.

On Your Site

Regularly posted quality blogs on your WordPress site identify with and appeal to guests. When you help prospective customers find the solutions they seek or answer the questions they have, you build relationships with them.

Engage Your Audience

With the growing customer and relationship focus of marketing, blogs offer vital opportunities to engage your audience. And be sure to:

— Know your target audience.

— Create a content plan for reaching this audience.

— Optimize content for maximum effectiveness.

— And track results.

As a Guest

Posting blog content on other sites increases referral traffic to your site. When looking to use this strategy:

— Identify and post on reputable sites related to your industry.

— Post content relevant to the target audience of the site.

— Identify yourself as the author.

— And link to those influential in your industry.

Take Time to Comment

Remember to comment on blogs as well. Valuable, linked comments drive significant referral traffic your way.

Avoid Being Overly Personal: Just Right Forms

Not too long, not too short and just right typify your internet forms on your pages. Forms need to gather information useful to you as the web owner, but they must be short enough to not deter users from completing them. And the fact of the matter is, most people do not enjoy or engage in activities that require too much of our time. After all, the point of web searches is to quickly find what we are looking for and get on with business.

Keep It Short and Sweet

So short and sweet wins the day with forms. Be sure to place one on every page. In addition, this increases the chance of a visitor filling out the form. Plus, it allows you to distribute fields across pages to avoid asking for too much information at once. Too much and too soon is not a good thing. Also, keep information gathering friendly and useful to the user, but avoid coming across as stalker-esque. Particularly, in the first steps of information gathering, ask for less personal information.

Get the Details

As prospects move through the process and get to know you better, gather more details. Reducing fields for fewer fill-ins, as well as the space between them, gives forms the appearance of being shorter. This increases the odds of users completing the forms. Finally, forms need to send the message that they are for the benefit or value of guests, not to take all you can from them.

Taking Action: Usable CTA Buttons

Blogs with a call to action (CTA) within their content prove to generate high-value leads. While an article containing a CTA draws leads, the call to action navigation button or sidebar is even more effective. However, key considerations maximize this button.

Location and Essential Tweaks

First, it is important that this button falls within sight of the guest without the need to scroll. In addition, above-the-fold content, seen without scrolling, is seen by every user the moment he or she clicks on your web address. However, below-the-fold material only hits 50 percent of guests, according to analytics.

Second, certain creative tweaks amp up the value of CTA buttons, such as:

— Eliminate friction words or those which have negative connotations for users.

— Highlight rewards to increase the worth of the action requested.

— Focus on the guest with relevant actions and the pronouns you, me and my.

— And engage visitors visually with images and video CTAs.

In Closing

In conclusion, do not underestimate the basics. Page loading speed, visual simplicity and appeal, easy navigation and mobile device responsiveness play vital roles in attracting and engaging guests.

Turn to a Pro

Lead generation proves a complicated party to plan for some. If you would like help getting your WordPress site up to speed in terms of generating leads, look to a reputable solutions company. These agents know about design and user behavior to provide expertise and services in getting the most from your website.

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