Easy SEO Tips for Direct Sellers


Easy SEO Tips for Direct Sellers

Direct selling can be very tough in today’s market. Direct sellers face a number of challenges every day and need to work very hard and fight through these challenges in order to be successful. Perhaps one of the greatest challenges to direct sellers is growing their business. Certain firms have quotas that need to be met, and some brands like doTERRA and Cutco allow you to set your own pace and move product according to your capabilities and aspirations. Either way, finding qualified buyers is the hardest part of your job. Luckily, with today’s internet technologies, direct sellers can update their websites with an enhanced web design and SEO capabilities so their next customer comes to them.

What is SEO?


SEO is a pretty common term and is used a lot in the world of marketing and selling. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO essentially is the set of practices related to web design and content creation put in place to make websites appear higher in search results. As a direct seller, you can utilize SEO practices to enhance your website traffic and presence.

SEO Tips

There are some simple things you can do to make your website easier to find. First, as a direct seller, it would be best to create your own website instead of using the one your company offers. However, make sure you are in-line with any policies your corporate HQ has regarding personal websites. By creating your own website, you will have more freedom and flexibility to customize your content.

Second, you can use company-provided content on your website to help find keywords and increase your search ranking. Again, check with your corporate office to make sure you will not be violating any of their policies. However, you may be able to rewrite some of their content in your own words which will save time and increase results quickly.

Third, share your website with any recruits you gain or with other sellers in your area. That way, all of you could work together to create content for the website. SEO is really geared toward creating valuable content for your audience. It can be very challenging to balance writing articles with all of the other functions of direct selling. Sharing the workload will make it much more manageable.

Finally, you can take advantage of local search features that Google incorporated into their ranking algorithms. For example, if you search for food near me in Google, they use your location to generate relevant, localized results. Try to incorporate things in your local community that people are searching for into your content. This will make you appear in a more selective search, but it will be more relevant to the people in your immediate radius.

Need Additional Support?


To be quite honest, SEO is a very intricate subject and requires quite a bit of knowledge to master. For even quicker results, seek out a professional that can help you setup and run your website. It is a mandatory part of marketing and sales in the 21st century.