How to Find the Best Call to Action Words for WordPress Sites

best call to action words

How to Find the Best Call to Action Words for WordPress Sites

While half of the battle is getting someone to visit your website, the other half is getting them to engage with your business in some manner beyond checking out your web presence. Just because someone visits your website, it doesn’t guarantee that it will be a fruitful visit for both parties. Your quest for increased sales begins by making sure that you create a quality website. You need to add value to the visitor’s experience. You must make sure your content is interesting and free from grammatical and spelling errors. The more interesting your website is, the more likely someone will stay long enough to even care about a call to action (CTA) on your site. Once you know that you have a quality website, the next thing to work on is your call to action. A call to action is designed to help someone further engage with your brand. Discover how to find the best call to action words for WordPress sites.

Steps Before Designing Your Call to Action

Consider a few of the preliminary steps to take before crafting a call to action that will get people to stand up and notice your business.

Create a quality website

Before you even start thinking about your call to action button, you need to make sure you’ve built a quality website. A call to action button will do you no good if your website isn’t professional and attractive. Work with a graphic designer to design your website, and use high-quality photos. In addition to the aesthetics, make sure your content is well-written and free from grammatical and spelling errors. Your website is a representation of your company. Be sure that it makes a good first impression. You also need to update your content on a regular basis. Regular content keeps people coming back and further increases those that click on your call to action button. These people will be more likely to recommend your business to their friends if you update your website on a regular basis.

Keep SEO in mind

Make sure that you have a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that produces results. There are WordPress plugins to help you with this. You won’t get anyone to click on your call to action button if no one visits your website. You want to make sure that you are coming up in search results so people will come to your site.

Stay active on social media

Another thing to do when setting up your online presence is to be active on social media sites. This is a great way to promote your business and get people to navigate to your website. Be sure to post regularly and interact with your followers. This helps build your credibility and gets people to visit your website. Make sure to post an update whenever you change anything on your site or when you post a new blog.

Decide what you want in terms of a CTA button

There are a few different ways to present your call to action button. You could use it as a way to gain email addresses by either offering free guides or a newsletter signup. You could also set it up as a download button or an add to cart button. The ability to download something for free also gains attention easily. It all depends on the nature of your business and what you’re hoping to accomplish.

What about a popup?

Many websites also employ a popup to gain attention. This can be very effective, but this isn’t something that you want to use on each page. Constant pop ups push people away from your website and your business.

How to Make an Effective Call to Action (CTA)

Now that you have the foreground ready, it’s time to develop a call to action that really resonates with your target market.

Put your call to action in a place where your visitors notice it

It’s important to put your call to action in a place where visitors see it and take notice of it. People don’t read everything on a website. Everyone is busy and they don’t have the time to pore over every word you write or every second of video you produce. Many people visit your website on their mobile device. They will scan the page for things that interest them.

Above the fold

Your call to action needs to be “above the fold.” This may be an old term that refers to newspapers, but the idea is not lost on a website. This means that your story should be on the front page, above where the newspaper is folded. People will notice these stories first without even having to unfold the paper. That’s where the most important content should be. A similar approach can be taken when referring to a website. In this sense, this is everything that someone sees when they first open the website, without having to scroll down. Make sure your call to action is located here. People spend about 80 percent of their time in the first area they come to on a website, so it’s necessary that this is where you locate your call to action.

Design your call to action button with shape and size in mind

Your call to action button should be big, rounded, tap-able and tested. Even though rectangular buttons are the most popular, our brains actually avoid pointed things. By rounding off the corners, it will gain attention more easily. Your button should be large enough to be easily tapped on a mobile phone, but not too big because that can ruin your overall website design.

Use color and white space to your advantage

Choose a color for your call to action button that is in contrast to the rest of your page. You need to use a color that stands out. Another approach to take is to choose colors that promote certain feelings and actions. Orange is associated with taking immediate action but is also associated with cheap things. Green is a great color to choose because it literally means “go.” Green also is the color that the eyes have the easiest time processing. Now that you have color figured out, make sure to use white space effectively. White space can help buttons stand out. Use white space around your call to action button to draw attention to it, but be careful not to use too much.

Offer a free trial

A free trial or really anything free is sure to gain attention. You’re offering visitors something of value for signing up for a newsletter or following your company on social media, or whatever else your call to action is. People love free stuff and may easily give up their email address to get something.

Create a sense of urgency

Make sure to use active words to encourage people to take action. These include words like buy, register, donate and subscribe. You can also put a date limit on when offers expire. This will encourage people to take immediate action so as not to miss out on a deal.

Make sure to have a call to action on each page

To have the greatest chance that someone will click through your call to action button, you need to make sure to include them on each page and not just on your landing page. Visitors may come through on other pages, depending on how they got there, so it’s important to have call to action buttons on every page. The frequency can also help people click through them on a later page if they didn’t do so on the first page that they saw.

The Psychology Behind a Call to Action

When it comes to appealing to your target marketing and getting them to take action, it’s all about psychology.

People look for it

Visitors expect to see a call to action on a website. People expect there to be a way to engage with the website that they are on, whether the website is for a company, nonprofit agency, simple blog or a social media business. There is always a way to interact with the site that you’re visiting. This expectation is related to the perceptual set theory. This is how the mind perceives things in a three-fold combination of selecting, inferring and interpreting. We focus on the visual stimuli or the website, then remember other pages that we’ve seen that were similar, and lastly, combine the data to interpret the present experience.

It inspires curiosity

People are curious by nature and want to know the effect of something that they do. There is the promise of something that is on the other side of clicking the call to action button. There is the anticipation of something new or satisfying. You can cause something new to happen on the page. The result of clicking on the call to action may even be a reward. This could be in the form of free items or a free trial. It could also offer knowledge or secrets. A lot depends on how you design your call to action button. By offering a guide that is free and offers information and tips, this may inspire many people to offer their email address to get it. Their curiosity of the unknown helps you acquire their email address.

The psychology of a call to action button is well-founded. By creating a button that catches attention, offers something, is attractive and creates a sense of urgency, you have a high chance of more people clicking on it. Make sure that your website and call to action are high in quality so your business has a greater chance at success.

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