Get Connected: Ways to Connect with the Community That Help Your Business

Get Connected: Ways to Connect with the Community That Help Your Business

No business survives without human connection. Someone has to buy a business’s products or services, or that business doesn’t survive. Savvy business owners know this. As a result, they do everything they can to develop more ties within their community. Here are some of their secrets that you can use.

The Importance of Connecting

If you run a business that’s primarily locally based, like a coffee shop, then you know how important community connections are. This is particularly true if your business is one of many in the city that offer similar services. Often, what gives you an edge over your competition is the face-to-face meetings that you have with people in your community. People buy from people they like. Getting involved in your community gives you the chance to develop those relationships that eventually turn into sales.

Attend Local Events

Local events have a great deal to offer you, particularly if you attend an event that is more business-related or niche-related because the attendees of this event are already prequalified. Good examples of this include bridal shows or even ComicCon. The people at these events already want what’s being sold there. If you’re there, strike up conversations with people and get to know them. Pass out business cards if it seems appropriate. Better yet, if it’s in your budget, get a table or booth at the event, and get ready to make friends.


Many business owners on a budget tout the power of social networks as business-building tools. Taking part in Twitter chats, hosting a community page on Facebook, or even writing articles that appear on LinkedIn all count as ways that business owners connect with potential customers via social media. Nowadays, it’s even possible to find a social network that’s more locally based. For example, Nextdoor is a social network that helps your business reach out to the community and let nearby residents know about what you offer.

Mentoring or Volunteering

Becoming a mentor or volunteer in your community not only gives you the opportunity to influence someone who could use the help, but it also puts you in a position to be seen and to help your community at the same time. This is a soft sell, meaning that as you continue to build relationships within these organizations, you’ll strike up conversations with people about what you do. If someone you’re talking to eventually needs services like yours, they now know you well enough to look you up when the time comes.

Teach a Community Class

Many people take low-cost community college classes or workshops in order to learn skills, like cooking, drawing, or marketing. If you teach a class, you’re positioning yourself as an expert in the topic you teach. The people in your classes could potentially become future clients. Additionally, the powers-that-be who run the educational program are now also in a position to recommend you to others. This is why so many businesses look to colleges for help when they need expert consultants: They know that the people who teach at the college are experts in their industries. In this way, you can parlay your work as an educator into a side gig and, eventually, a full-blown business.

Tapping into your community counts as one of the most effective ways to build your business over time. Your community-based activities put you in front of people who could potentially become clients. People can’t buy from you if they don’t know you exist. Being involved with members of your community shows them in a subtle way that you and your business are there.We build powerful user driven, easy to manage WordPress websites that convert your visitors into customers. Connect better with your target market with our help!