How Amazon SEO Is Different Than Google SEO


How Amazon SEO Is Different Than Google SEO

Say you are an entrepreneur, and you’ve decided to start focusing on organic SEO instead of say, PPC – cool! There’s lots to learn to help optimize your SEO strategy, such as say, not relying solely on Google SEO anymore. It’s time to be looking at Amazon SEO instead. It’s different, and more catered to physical products or information products (such as ebooks or audiobooks). With a unique understanding of their differences, you can leverage each one in unique ways to grow your brand faster than ever before. Here is what you need to know.

Keyword Difference

Amazon Keyword rankings have some differences to Google rankings. With Google, you often need to use your keyword multiple times to rank for it. This is what led to stuffing in the early days. However, with Amazon, they learned from the mistakes of other search engines that came before them. They let you rank by including the most crucial keyword up top in the title and then the second most important keyword for your brand somewhere in the description. Furthermore, you can add more keywords in the details.

Short Tail

With Google, people can type entire questions and sentences when searching for something. This has lead to a long tail keyword strategy. With Amazon, people are just looking for a specific product, so stick with short tail keywords.

Product Quality

With Google, SEO experts can manipulate the algorithm. They can tweak things on their site, get backlinks, and do other tricks that have nothing to do with the quality of the content, product, or service. With Amazon, they take quality into account. You can boost your rankings with better reviews that are more likely to be read, as they have gotten more trustworthy in recent years.

Variables Change

Inventory levels and shopping trends will affect how your product ranks on Amazon. Bestsellers are often rated higher during certain seasons when they are likely to do better. And if you don’t have very much stock of a product, Amazon could penalize you for that.

External Site

This is perhaps the largest difference between the two platforms. On Google, you are actively trying to get people to your own site, and so is Google. Of course, Amazon only makes money if people buy through the platform and they get a cut. So they don’t like you mentioning your external website. With Amazon, focus on the internal strategy, as external links won’t help you.

In today’s modern technology-driven world, marketing tactics are changing all the time. And while SEO has always been here since the dawn of Google, it’s time to learn how Amazon comes into the picture and core differences between them. Therefore, you can waste less time and money, increase conversions, and produce more profit for your business.


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