How to Improve Website Conversion Rate for Your WordPress Site

Improve the Website Conversion Rate

How to Improve Website Conversion Rate for Your WordPress Site

Having a website for your company is smart. Plus, it is essential to the success of your business. This way, your business can be found by someone browsing online directly, or they may look up your website if they hear about you somewhere else. Most people will research companies before they commit to buying any goods or services. They want to know what you are all about and see what others have said about your company. If you have people discovering your website but not buying anything, then something is wrong. You need to make sure the investment in your site was worth it. This means the conversions into sales are a match for the work and money that you’re putting into your site. Here are some ways to improve website conversion rate for your WordPress site.

Improve Your SEO

Take the time to look at Google Analytics or another analytics tool, so you can optimize your search engine optimization.

Define Your Target Audience

For people to buy anything in the first place, make sure that they are, in fact, getting to your website. Determine that potential customers are reaching your site and that they are your target audience. By streamlining and optimizing your site, you will be better able to target those who are most likely to purchase your goods or services. Reaching your target audience is the first step in making your website successful and assuring that it works to turn your efforts into bona fide sales.

Make Your Website Appealing to Users

Once you’ve gotten them to your site, you don’t want potential customers to click away or go back to their search results immediately. If your website is either aesthetically displeasing or if it is not user-friendly, these people won’t stay. There are so many websites and businesses out there to choose from, and no one will waste time on a frustrating site. If your site is hard to navigate through or tough to read, they will not stay or buy anything from you. Potential customers may not visit ever again. Dare to be different, distinctive, and grab attention right away. This gets people interested in your site.

Navigation Matters

Make sure that it’s easy to navigate your website, and let customers know where they go to purchase goods or services. Your purchase page is something that you should have an easily visible link either on every page or in a drop-down menu at the top. It is easier for the visitor to take action when the process is straightforward and clear-cut.

Get Them On-The-Go

Most people shop and search the internet on their smartphones. You want to make sure that your website can accommodate web searching through smartphones and other mobile devices.

Ensuring Your Website is Mobile-Friendly

You need to have a mobile version of your site so, it’s easy to read and navigate from phones and other mobile devices. This is especially crucial for businesses looking to bring in the under-30 market.

Improve the Content on Your Website

Another key component to this plan is making the content on your website valuable and readable to visitors.

People Are Put Off By Messy Content

Put grammatically correct and site content on your pages, because that increases the chances that people will come back to your website. Nothing turns people off as much as typos and grammatical errors. Make sure all areas of your website are as polished as they can be.

Use Strong Headlines and Include a Call to Action

The writing on your website needs to be strong in the product description areas as well as general content. Customers should read descriptions of your products or services easily. You don’t want to leave people with a lot of questions because they probably won’t follow up if that happens. You need to focus your descriptions on the customers and how your products or services benefit them. Use these areas as a place to sell, but do it well to inspire customers and to increase your website conversion rate.

Consider Potential Objections and Overcome Them

If there are certain objections that you usually come across when trying to sell your products or services, go ahead and address them on your website. Use testimonials or facts to dispute these objections up front.

Update Your Blog Often

Having a blog on your website is another effective way to encourage visitors to return. A regular blog can also be more than a sales tool.

Offer Useful Content

Use your blog to inform everyone about the advantages of different products or how they should go about hiring certain individuals. Include unique industry and news that pertains to your field. If your blogs are interesting, people will keep coming back to the site, and this just increases the chances of conversion.

Put a Face to Your Company

Instead of your company being a faceless entity, use your website to show the people behind the enterprise. By humanizing the company, customers will better be able to identify with you and be more interested in the company. You can include video interviews with employees and the owner.

The Human Touch

Use your blog or website to feature any charity work that your company does. Include pictures of any charity events. Charity or volunteer work helps show your company in a positive light and people will be more interested in supporting this kind of organization.

Include Testimonials

Another great way to inspire visitors to make purchases is by including testimonials from satisfied clients or customers.

Maximize Positive Reviews

By including positive reviews right on your website, it increases the chances that these visitors will buy. If they have to search out reviews on their own, it could take longer to convince them to purchase something. If the reviews on your website are strong enough, they may not go anywhere else to validate the worth of your product or services.

Use Pictures and Videos Effectively

To connect better with your potential customers, you need to include high-quality images and videos.

Imagery Everywhere

Besides your website, engaging pictures and videos should be posted both on your website and your social media sites. Consider visually viable sites such as Instagram, and Pinterest.

Engage with Your Target Audience Through Social Media

Social media is a great tool for marketing as almost everyone in the world uses one form of it or another. Set up pages on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn since those will reach the most people. Link these pages back to your website and link your site back to these social media pages to drive traffic and increase visibility to search engines.

Give Your Social Media Pages Dedicated Attention

In addition to updating your blog on a consistent basis, you should have someone dedicated to updating your social media pages as well. These are excellent places to add value for your target audience and to link back to your website encourage them to visit. Make sure to engage with people who leave comments on social media, especially if they have a comment, suggestion or question. This will show your interest in your customers and make them more likely to purchase something.

When Less Information is Better

When you have a contact form on your website, don’t make it too involved. People don’t have the patience to fill out long forms online just to request additional information or sign up for a newsletter.

Keep It Short and Sweet

Make the form short so people are more likely to fill it out. This is especially important for those who use mobile devices. It would take them too long to fill out a long form, and they probably wouldn’t go back to the form from a laptop or desktop computer later on.

Use the Plugins in WordPress

Pressed Solutions can help you figure out which tools within WordPress that will help your business the most.


OptimizePress helps create landing pages, track conversion rates and help conduct A/B tests on your pages.


OptinMonster helps you convert visitors into customers by creating lead generation forms. You can also test which works best with A/B testing.


Lead-in will help you understand your visitors, and it’s a great marketing analytics plugin.

A/B Press Optimizer

A/B Press Optimizer will test everything on your website and show you which version performs the best.

Opt-in Forms

This helps you to create opt-in forms easily. You chose the design, customize it and then simply add it to your blog.

There are many factors involved to improve website conversion rate for your WordPress site. It begins with having an excellent website that is visually appealing. Beyond that, there are great tools from WordPress that you can use to analyze your visitors in order to target the correct audience for your products or services. With all that there is to choose from, let Pressed Solutions help you find what is best for your business.

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