How To Market Your Business To Teenagers

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How To Market Your Business To Teenagers

Marketing to teens is something that is much easier said than done. The truth is that teens can be a fickle demographic: They love you one minute and ignore you the next. All of this is assuming that you can get noticed in the first place, which can be a big if. Going through the right channels is the way to get the conversation started.

Social Media

Logically, you would think that the advent of online social media would make marketing your business to teens a snap, but the truth is that more social media websites mean that teens are spread pretty thin. It can be a major accomplishment just to get noticed.

Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram are the three hottest social media sites for teens, so that would be an excellent place to start, in terms of drumming up attention. Get the conversation started by asking your younger audience directly for their input after you post a blog; hop onto Facebook and start a group discussing your products and what teens want from your company moving forward.

Brand Ambassadors

A brand ambassador is someone, sometimes a celebrity, who is paid to promote a particular product or service. The great thing about the internet is that social media sites and search engines like YouTube can help you turn YouTube celebrities into influential teen brand ambassadors.

Right now there are teens out there who would be more than willing to talk about your products on their YouTube channel. That would do wonders for your brand since these YouTube celebrities already have a following of potentially tens of thousands of people squarely within your target demographic.

Marketing works best when trust is developed, and fortunately, you have that in droves with YouTube followers. Hiring a brand ambassador on sites like YouTube and Twitter is a surefire way to make your brand more relevant in customers’ lives.

Make Teens the Stars

One of the most important things to do when marketing to teens is to make them feel special. Liking a few posts here and there and posting images of, say, contest winners or loyal customers is a way to give affirmation and keep your brand in the spotlight.

So, putting it all together, go where teens usually hang out (Facebook and Instagram), get great brand ambassadors, and interact with your teen audience in a genuine way.

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