Lead Generation Techniques Using Great WordPress Sites

Lead Generation Techniques

Lead Generation Techniques Using Great WordPress Sites

The leads you have are only as good as how you got them, especially if you are using a website to produce the leads. If you make a conscious effort to grow consumer interest in the products or services you have to offer, you will be able to gain more customers, ultimately earning a larger profit. Learn smart lead generation techniques that reach out to potential customers. Great WordPress sites can make businesses more visible and successful.

Get to Know Your Target Audience

Before you can begin generating leads through your WordPress site, you need to understand what your target audience is looking for. What did they come to your website to find? Do they want to make a purchase? Are they looking for questions to be answered? Are they able to trust your brand?

Learn By Example

The best way to figure out where to start when designing a landing page that will help you generate leads is to look at examples. Once you can find the best converting lead generation websites you can learn what makes it work and why it works. Getting to the bottom of what your customers are looking for from your business will help you to hone in on what will work best for you. The following are some things you should consider:

– Optimize your site;

– Improve your landing page;

– Provide contact information;

– Make your opt-in standout;

– Include testimonials; and

– Promote your content.

Optimize Your Site

You should attempt to make your website as Google friendly as possible so it can be easily found. This means optimizing your website in its entirety using the best SEO practices you can find to create a great WordPress site.

How to Do It

There are so many ways to optimize your WordPress site, including the use of keywords, how you format your posts, the headlines you use, as well as, the quality of the content and images you post. Backlinko has an excellent post which helps to outline some of the most efficient ways to optimize a website.

Improve Your Landing Page

A landing page has multiple purposes. You can use a landing page to capture leads to be used in future marketing strategies or you can use a landing page to explain what your company can do for its visitors.

Effective landing pages often have the following features:

– A headline that is clear and tells the viewer what you have to offer;

– Contact information, such as an email address or telephone number;

– A visually appealing graphic;

– An exciting call to action button, which is often accompanied by a short opt-in form; and

– Social share buttons.

Be Original

One of the biggest things you should avoid when designing your landing page for generating leads is cookie-cutter site templates. You should invest in the best quality site template you can afford. Make sure that the purpose of the page is clear up-front so the designer can help you to tailor it to generating valuable leads. When shopping online, customers are more trusting of a well-designed site.

Include White Space

On a well-designed site, you will often find a balance of white space to the content on the page. White space, often called negative space, is a small thing that can make a significant impact on your site. Allow your content, images, and calls to action some breathing space, rather than filling up every pixel of space available to you. You do not want to draw a customer’s attention away from what matters on the page.

Provide Contact Information

While having your contact information on your landing page is a good business practice, it should also be easy to find on your website. It might seem counterintuitive to add a phone number to your website if you are selling a purely digital product, but it will increase trust and also increases your credibility. Even though your customers might not call the number, the fact that the number is there if they need it brings a feeling of comfort.

Make Your Opt-in Standout

You want to ensure the visitor’s attention is captured as soon as they land on your site. This means that it is vital that you use strong, appealing language. Create excitement and make visitors want more from your website by staying away from the usual copy such as “Submit” or “Subscribe Here.”

Choose Compelling Words and Phrases

Let the visitors know what they will get by providing their information to your business. Be aware of the types of words and phrases you use on your opt-in forms. Try to use terms such as featured, exclusive, access, special offer, or limited time. It shows that they will get something they would have missed out on if they had not provided their information.

Use Powerful Action Verbs

The use of powerful action verbs, such as “get”, “feel” and “have” are compelling because they are suggesting that you will feel the impact now rather than later. By using action-oriented words, you are telling the customer that they are receiving the benefits, instead of just imagining the benefits. By placing “power words” directly above the “fold”, you can create maximum impact when generating leads.

Make it Easy to Find

One approach is to include your opt-in on every page of your website. The easier it is for a visitor to find your opt-in form, the more likely they will complete it and the less information that you request—especially in the first step—generally means that more people will be willing to part with their valuable personal details.

Present an Irresistible Offer

By having a lead generating opt-in form as one of the first things a visitor sees on your website, you will be more likely to generate more valuable leads because customers will notice them and fill them out. You can offer free trials, free consultations or even a mailing list opt-in form. You can place these forms in the header of your website, in the sidebar that appears on each page or even in your footer.

Consider Pop-ups

Perhaps you would like to go in a slightly different direction — the use of a pop-up. While many people do not like pop-ups, they have proven to draw more attention and as long as you do not make them too difficult to close if someone is not interested in signing up for your mailing list.

Include Testimonials

Adding testimonials to your website has proven to be one of the most beneficial lead generation techniques, but testimonials that also include pictures or rich media, such as audio or video, are even more powerful.

Prove Your Worth

A video testimonial might take too long to load on a lead generating website, but a substantial testimonial can have an equally powerful impact and can help to support what you have to offer. It also shows customers are pleased with what you offer, which can prove your worth.

Promote Your Content

Social media is going to play a significant role in your lead generation techniques. While your content is valuable, if you do not share the content that you put out there with the right people on the right platforms you are most likely not going to achieve your lead generating potential.

Use Social Media

If you post regularly on social media profiles, which are aimed at your target demographic, then you will be able to expand your content’s reach, ultimately increasing traffic to your site. By pushing the traffic to your website, you can then start working on converting the visitors into valuable leads and then into loyal customers. This is the ultimate goal of all types of lead generation techniques.

Know What You Want Before You Start

To be successful and to be able to measure your progress, you should start off with some end goal in mind. Consider what a “lead” means to you. By defining what a lead is, it will become easier for testing and analytics goals to fall into line and to determine what actions you hope the consumer will take at each step of your sales funnel. Through the process of clearly defining a starting point, you will have a much easier time adjusting your conversion goals to meet your goals.

The Best Lead Generation Techniques Come with Testing

All of these tips are useless if you do not find how they are going to work for you. No two situations are the same, so testing is key to figuring out what is going to work for your situation. The number and quality of your leads are a simple conversion factor that you will want to increase and improve over time.

Have Analytics Software

If you are unsure about a change that you want to make to your site, try it out first on your lead generation page. This will show you if your efforts are paying off or if you are going to need to alter your game plan. It is also a good idea to have proper testing and analytics software to track what is working — with real-time data, trends over time and how visitors are getting to your site so that you can look down to the smallest details.

It helps to work with a professional who understands WordPress website design and smart lead generation techniques. It is a worthy investment in the profitability and future of your business. After all, more leads mean your business is growing.

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