Make the Change to Build a WordPress Website for Your Business

Build a WordPress Website

Make the Change to Build a WordPress Website for Your Business

When it comes to branding and running a website, you’ve always got to be on the lookout for the next big thing. It pays to be on top of things because your website is the lifeblood of your business, and WordPress is exactly where you should be looking next. Discover why you should make the change to build a WordPress website for your business.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an online open source website creation tool written in PHP. For those who don’t speak tech, it is a powerful and easy-to-use content management system (CMS) for blogs and websites. Don’t just take it face value, here are some reasons to start using WordPress if you aren’t already.

Ease of Use

First and foremost, it can’t be overstated: WordPress is easy to use. WordPress is a gateway into running your own website rather than requiring outside hired help. It’s simple, customizable and convenient for the user. This saves time and effort when you need to make minor changes.

Simple to Learn

WordPress is incredibly intuitive for learning, and users can pick it up quickly. Even if you’ve never had any experience or knowledge beforehand in anything related to web design, new users to WordPress find they can create their website exactly as they envision it. You won’t need to dabble with HTML editing or FTP software in order to design and update your blog or website. You can make changes when and how you want to, and the controls are at your fingertips. You will have a dashboard cleanly organized and laid out with easy-to-identify buttons and menus. You can log in and get started immediately without any prior reading or knowledge.

User Friendly

It’s hard to oversell just how quickly anyone can pick it up. WordPress is as straightforward as web design gets for new users. You’ll rarely find yourself wondering what the next step is since WordPress seamlessly helps you navigate from moment to moment, and it always provides you the avenue for the next step. Buttons and layouts are all precisely identifiable thanks to sensible menus and plugins. New users have nothing to fear, WordPress guides you effectively, and allows you to simply create your own new website. Basic templates are available for newbies to get started in minutes.

Customization and Plugins

WordPress is a fantastically versatile platform for customization, featuring themes that number in the thousands as well as almost any plugin you can imagine. Speaking of plugins, the tools at your disposal are nearly limitless. Anytime you find yourself asking, could I do X or could I do Y? WordPress has a plugin for that. WordPress features 48,648 plugins with 1,553,081,226 total downloads. You can accomplish almost anything your imagination conjures with this kind of versatility. WordPress isn’t only for new users, there is plenty of ‘meat’ to be found as well as the milk. Spam checkers for comment sections, forum setups and abilities to view your traffic stats are all at your fingertips. For those who know more about what they’re looking for already, there are various XML sitemaps, backup plugins in case of crashes, blackouts or data loss. You can also find plenty of import plugins and several helpers to improve your SEO as well as preventative measures such as firewalls, malware scanners, and antivirus.

Unique Features

Along with the plugins, and in some ways, within them, WordPress has some distinct and unique features to help you along the way.

Good for SEO

As most online entrepreneurs know, SEO stands for search engine optimization. And it is one of the most important things to understand when entering the online world and running a website. In short, it’s a process that is measurably able to send signals to search engines, like Google, that detail whether your content is worth showing in Google’s index and search parameters. Having your blog or website optimized for search engines will make you more likely to be higher up the list when people search for topics related to your content. The better the optimization, the more likely you are to increase traffic and thereby revenue. WordPress comes standard with customizable focus keywords, introductions into how to create SEO titles as well as an introduction to meta descriptions. These together help your site rank higher, and the easier you are to find, the better. In addition, WordPress has among its plugins a variety of ways to help you learn, understand and create your website to best take advantage of SEO.

Scheduled Posts

WordPress has another great feature that allows you to schedule your posts. The time you have to work on, finish, and publish your content doesn’t always happen at the same time as when it will get the most hits. WordPress allows you to wait for your perfect moment and the optimal time while taking into consideration your traffic and viewer base. This way, you can publish your content to get optimal website traffic. Scheduling your posts also allows you to release a bulk of content together rather than in separate posts when you want to, making it cost-effective and allowing for your customers to more easily follow your posting. This is ideal for content creators who can’t always guarantee dedicated working hours, but want to keep up a schedule.

Engages Consumers

No other platform allows you to engage and interact quite like WordPress. WordPress allows for some outstanding client and customer interaction. Engaging your consumers is one of the most important ways to grow your branding and website. WordPress allows you to integrate email subscriptions, add comment sections, and apply automatic updates, even across multiple websites simultaneously.Create an interactive playground for your customers as feedback is always important for growth. Watch your site traffic rise (with a handy plugin of course) as you show your clientele that you are willing to listen and respond to them.

Added Benefits

In addition to some of the more tangible benefits of using WordPress, there are other benefits to consider that are sure to be an advantage for your budding business.


Quality services are available when you want help in running or coordinating your website. When it comes to small tasks, WordPress gives you some freedom to run your blog or website yourself where you otherwise might not have the opportunity. Think back to how many times you’ve been unable to update your site because you are trying to avoid the fees, or how often you’ve received a notice of something you could have fixed yourself that you instead had to pay for. WordPress will allow you to make certain basic updates if you’re willing to put in the time and work. If you aren’t comfortable doing it yourself, or you’re publishing content with another person, you can grant access to multiple users and even set or alter permission levels for each user. This level of flexibility makes it easier to keep your website fresh and continually build your brand.

Top-Notch Security

When working in the networked world, it is always important to make security a top priority. There are countless stories out there of people whose servers have been breached, streaming DDOS’d, and passwords and identity stolen. WordPress gives you flexibility and options in order to stay on top of and monitor your website security. Everything is initially password-protected, and during set up you can add additional security measures such as user-access levels, login authentication steps as well as firewalls, malware detection, and antivirus options. WordPress has years of experience in internet security and provides you tools and help so that you can manage it, but you can also consult experts as well if you are concerned about the theft or manipulation of your content.

Open Source

This is an obvious benefit right off the bat, using WordPress by itself is free and easily accessible. If you so choose, some plugins may require a one-time or monthly payment to use, but the source of your website itself will remain free to use. You’ll even save money using a company who uses WordPress to run your website versus using a company that doesn’t.

Tons of Free Resources

When looking at plugins and help services, you’ll find many premium plugins and themes that do have a price tag, but there’s almost always another option that is free. With its easily navigable plugins page, compare and contrast based on what services each plugin can provide you, and make decisions on what content you choose to publish and how without having to spend money on every new change.

If you haven’t switched over to WordPress for your new content management system (CMS) yet, try it out today. It’s easy to use, has all the customization and tools you can hope for if you dig in. Tools and services are out there if you’re interested in having the site managed for you. In less time than you imagined, your website can have the professional, responsive look you want.

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