How to Market Your Website Using Psychological Triggers

how to market your website

How to Market Your Website Using Psychological Triggers

There are many ways to market your website and the products or services that you sell. One thing to keep in mind is that every marketing tactic has something in common: engaging your users’ psyches to make a decision.Do you know how to work psychological triggers to convince customers to proceed to checkout? Can you engage in any other CTA you might issue on a blog or service page? Can you convince someone to proceed without sounding overly salesy? If not, then read on! Get to know some of the best psychological triggers to use to help engage customers in your WordPress site. Understanding how to market your website with the use of such triggers will give you the tools that you need to get customers to come to your site and stick around to make a purchase.

Establish Yourself as an Authority

Setting yourself up as an authority in your field draws people to your WordPress site to learn more. Blog posts and other information-sharing formats immediately engage your customers and make them seek your opinions on important industry topics. As an established authority, you’ll continue to draw traffic to your site. This is invaluable if you’re offering a service of some sort. This is especially true as customers are much more likely to purchase your services if you’re an authority, rather than a newcomer or hobbyist.

Write an e-book

One great way to disseminate your information across the internet is to publish an e-book on a topic related to your field. This works better than a series of blog posts, which can get buried or easily glossed over on your blog page. You can offer an e-book for free in exchange for an email address to add to your contact list or as some other CTA to draw in traffic. You can also offer an e-book as a paid product that adds value to your pool of knowledge and advances your authority on the issues that you address.

Offer guest posts

To further yourself as an expert in your field, offer guest posts for related sites or publications that are well-respected in your industry. You can link your WordPress site to your bio or profile associated with these publications to boost traffic to your site and generate more interest in your services or product.

Engage your industry

Similarly, simply engaging with your industry helps you to build your personal network and gets your name out there as a point person or authority in your industry. Whether you write prolifically about industry trends or can simply hold a conversation about the changing tech in your field, putting your name and face out there gives you a certain credibility.

Participate in conventions and events

One way to get your brand in people’s memories is to attend any industry events that you can reasonably travel to and fit into your schedule. Participating in conferences for individuals in your niche is a great way to meet people. Consider going to tech events to learn more about software that will change the way your customers do business. Both of these give you a leg up over the armchair bloggers that don’t poke their heads out from behind the screen.

Seek out awards

If there are awards for bloggers or other leaders in your field, nominate your company for as many as you qualify for. Whether you win the award or not, simply stating your nomination on your site or in your bio boosts your authority.

Make it Exclusive

You work hard to curate your content, products, and/or services, so make sure that your customers and visitors to your WordPress site know how about your special your offerings. Simply offering your products and services is a great place to start. After all, if people don’t know they’re there, then how can they buy them? However, adding an incentive to make immediate purchases is even better. Access to exclusive content or limited sales forces customers to make buying decisions in the short-term rather than dragging them out. This will, in turn, help you to take hold of customer excitement and get speedy sales.

Harness the power of FOMO

Fear of missing out (FOMO) is a very real, and very motivating, factor behind sales decisions. Most people suffer from FOMO of some sort. Consider not wanting to miss a special “once in a lifetime sale,” be the only one who didn’t jump on a bandwagon, or be the only friend who hasn’t tried the latest and greatest.When you offer exclusive products, promotions, or discounts, you tap into users’ subconscious and activate their desire to have whatever you offer as soon as they can get their hands on it. Millennials are particularly impacted by FOMO, so if you’re offering products or services geared toward the younger set, working this factor could have a great payoff.

Run a special promotion

Nothing grabs FOMO and runs with it like a special promotion that only runs for a short time. Offer an e-course at a 90 percent discount for 24 hours or an hour of your consulting services for free when a customer purchases a related product. Few people can resist a deal, even if the product or service isn’t something the person needs immediately. In fact, running occasional promotions on higher-priced services lands you the unique sales compared to lower prices that you never discount.

Offer something irresistible

Maybe you can’t offer a discount on your services or don’t really have a great framework for setting up a limited edition of your cornerstone product. Even without the ability to grab onto FOMO in the most basic sense, you can still generate interest and snag sales with other promotions. This strategy sweetens the deal and is impossible to resist.

Give a free sample

Free samples, in whatever form, are always welcome and well received by your clients. Whether this free sample is in the form of a trial of your product or an hour of consultation, there is probably something you can offer to whet your clients’ appetite before sealing the deal.

Create community

Build a community that centers around product-related information or users of the services that you offer. Facebook and other social media sites offer a ready-made platform for you to plug into a group and go. Other options for community-building include exclusive VIP clubs, both paid and unpaid, that offer product discounts and exclusive information about new product releases or updates. Product communities are a great place to build hype and emotional investment in your newest products. They add a novelty factor that feels special and exclusive for community members who, in turn, become your most loyal fans.

Stay on their minds

Staying in your clients’ minds is half the battle to winning their wallets. Your products and your marketing measures must be both accurate and relevant in order to earn a buy-in. You don’t want to just be a great idea someone once saw. You want your site/brand/products/services to always be right on the tip of someone’s tongue, the way that Kleenex is when someone wants a tissue. Whatever you specialize in, you need to be that single noun or phrase that comes to mind when customers think of your industry.

Tell great stories

Storytelling is a powerful way to engage your audience. Use stories to create interest in products. Stories take customers behind the scenes to give them a better understanding of your product development process. If you offer services, talk about how your interest in your field caused you to push forward and break down barriers to add this service. Explain your knowledge and expertise within your own personal repertoire (with examples) and convey how much value you could add for your customers who choose to work with your service. Telling stories is never a waste of time, and stories give customers a reference point for connecting with your brand or mission and then remembering your name later on.

Use pop culture references

Pop culture references are a great way to get into customers’ heads and stay there. Oreo is a brand that has historically done this really well, with their Oreo of the Day marketing campaign that featured an Oreo to commemorate some historical anniversary or special celebration for each day that the promotion ran. This type of advertising makes you stand out in people’s minds in a logical way. When customers remember a certain event or holiday, they can picture your product right alongside it as a visual that keeps them returning mentally to your brand again and again. The best marketers subtly infuse their clients with brand information by entertaining or impressing them through simple, everyday measures. Pop culture references are ripe for the picking and ever-changing to help your marketing stay fresh and relevant.

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