Organizing Website Content For Originality and Greatness

organizing website content

Organizing Website Content For Originality and Greatness

The phrase “content is king” has become so prevalent in SEO circles it’s now a cliché. This truth is something that shouldn’t be overlooked. Content is what brings visitors to your blog or website. Find out more about organizing website content for originality and greatness.

What Does Your Business Have to Say?

Readers want to see what you have to say, whether you wrote a blog or posted a video. Because people enjoy your content, it must be high-quality stuff that adds value to your website and the lives of your potential customers.

Keep Visitors Engaged

Otherwise, there’s a good chance that the visitors won’t stick around long, interact with your company or follow through with the call to action that you’ve put into your web content. High-quality content keeps the interest of your readers and helps search engines find you when your website is higher in the rankings. Read on to learn how to keep your content great.


When you post mediocre or unoriginal content, no one notices your website. Trying to copy and paste content means that your content is going to suffer because your readers start to see that you’re not original, and search engines may start dropping your content down in ranking. Google may remove your website from its ranks altogether.

Never Be a Copycat

If you thought plagiarism was only something you needed to worry about in school, you are sadly mistaken. You need to be original in everything that you write or produce. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t quote sources, but you should try to keep that to a minimum.

Check for Unoriginal Content

You may think that it’s impossible to get original content with so many things on the internet already, but that’s not true. Most common phrases probably won’t trip up your originality. If you’re not sure about the freshness of your written content, use a top notch plagiarism program. There are some plagiarism programs available online for free, and some may cost you a little to use.

Switch It Up

Usually, you just to need to paste in your text and let the scanner run to see what phrases come up as unoriginal. Then, you can either decide to leave it as is or you can change the sentences until it comes up as completely original. You should try to keep your score to at least 95 percent original or so, depending on the length of your written article and how much you quote other sources directly. Bear in mind that some plagiarism services add quoted materials in your un-originality score, so it may show a lower score that doesn’t take into account the quoted portions.

Offering Useful Information

To get great content online, it needs to be more than just original. It needs to provide useful information to the readers that find it. If you create an article that has all the same information as several other items online without anything that separates it from the pack, you’ve probably missed the mark and may get overlooked by new visitors. When writing or producing on a highly covered topic, it can be very helpful to offer additional information to your visitors that will add value.

A New Spin On an Old Topic

Put a new spin on a topic. For instance, during the holidays, there’s always a lot of information on the hottest recipes for Thanksgiving or who will have the best Black Friday sales. Take this information and turn it into an article for your business.

Get Seasonal

If you have a plumbing business, you can write an article on proper plumbing care for Thanksgiving. Talk about what people should do to care and maintain their plumbing when preparing for guests and cooking a big meal. You can even include your experiences with emergency calls on the holidays to help your readers avoid being in the same boat during their holiday. Add some humor to the situation and make it funny while helping to teach your followers. Then, if something does go wrong or if a customer is ready for an upgrade to the plumbing, people remember your blog post and contact you for services.

Visual Appeal

Content is not just the words that you use in your blog posts and articles. You want your content to be visually appealing to the eye. This means that you should post your content in a way that makes it easy to read. Readers enjoy an easy-to-read font at a size that makes it easy on the eyes. You don’t want your potential customers to strain their eyes while trying to read your blog post.

Fantastic Formatting

Add some formatting to make your blog more visually appealing. Lots of ads spaced in the middle of your blog post may not make customers want to continue perusing your website. Consider using headings, bullet points, and other formatting tools to break up the content and add to the visual appeal.

Add Images

Don’t forget about images. Stock photos, infographics, and other visuals turn great content into excellent content. Take a look at food as an easy example of the power of images within the content. When something looks good enough to eat, you’re probably much more likely to dive right into your serving because a huge part of the psychology of eating happens before you take your first bite. People are visual, and you want to cater to that characteristic when keeping your content visually appealing.

Proper Spelling and Grammar

Many people fall under the spell that spell check and grammer software cast when it comes to checking there work. It’s easy to think that since you don’t have that little squiggly line under you’re text that everything with your written content is just fine. However, as you can see from these sentences, there are times when a spell check might fail you. You may type in a word that is spelled correctly, and it sounds correct, but then it’s the wrong word.

The Grammar Police

Can you spot the three errors in the previous paragraph? There’s a good chance that if you make these kinds of mistakes, your readers will catch on pretty quickly. The grammar police are always watching. Nothing beats reading through your work again after you’ve finished writing a piece for your blog or website. If you want to make sure that what you’ve written sounds clear, you can read it out loud to yourself. You may feel a little silly at first reading it out loud like you’re back in grade school, but you’d be amazed at the things that you can catch when doing so. Reading it in your mind is helpful, but you may find that your brain is reading it so quickly that it’s not picking up on the same errors and mistakes that you might’ve caught by reading it out loud.

When In Doubt, Check It Out

If you still have a hard time with your spelling and grammar, you may want to invest in a program that works similar to plagiarism software. Such services are not infallible, so it’s always good to use your knowledge. Another option is to ask a friend to read something over or hire a proofreader. This can be an excellent way to get another set of eyes on what you’ve written and even get an opinion on what you’ve written.

Content That Makes Sense

Quality goes hand in hand with spelling and grammar. You have probably seen websites that come up in your searches only to find the person that wrote it did very poorly. Sentences may be jumbled or just keep repeating the same information over and over again in a different manner without adding more to the piece. Don’t be like these websites. You want your content to make sense. This is another reason as to why it can be in your best interest to read your piece out loud.

Get Brutal with Your Content

Something may seem okay when you write it out, but then as you continue writing you may lose track of the point you were making or just write the same point over and over again. If a sentence doesn’t add to what you’re writing, you may ditch it entirely. This can be hard as each sentence represents your hard work. However, you must be brutal in your editing to ensure your content make sense and keeps the reader’s interest. If you can’t do that on your own, editing is another place where getting a fresh set of eyes may be a good idea by hiring a professional or getting someone else to look over your content.

Branding with Compelling Content

You should also think about branding when it comes to the content you produce. You want your brand to stand for something, and compelling content is a good place to start. You want content that will be interesting to read or watch.

Stay on Topic

Content helps to inform people about your brand. It doesn’t make sense to have content that doesn’t connect with your brand in some way. You don’t want to have a website up that promotes your plumbing business and post articles about the latest episode of a reality television show about fashion Your audience is not going to understand your brand, and people may even be turned off by not getting content that connects with your products or services.

Do you need help in coming up with branding ideas or any other aspect of your WordPress website? You can get the help you need from Pressed Solutions. Take your time and do what is necessary to ensure that you post great content that customers and search engines notice. That’s the whole reason behind why you do what you do, so take advantage of these opportunities to build your business reputation and generate more leads.

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