Semalt Expert: What Is Trojan Virus And How To Eradicate It Manually

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Semalt Expert: What Is Trojan Virus And How To Eradicate It Manually

If you a regular computer user, then most likely you are aware of Trojan virus and its impact on your device. It is a virus that comes attached to the programs and files that you download from the Internet. The major trait of this virus is that the moment it finds its way into your files, it initiates a process of destroying them secretly. It comes in the form of a useful application, but it does the opposite by affecting your computer adversely.

The expert of¬†Semalt¬†Digital Services, Ryan Johnson gives an accurate explanation of what is Trojan Virus, what threats it presents and how one can manually eradicate it from the computer. Let’s start.

Characteristics of Trojan horse virus

The major difference between Trojan horse virus and a normal computer virus is that the former is not designed in a manner that it spread itself. As such, the virus is either downloaded as a payload or infected file from the web. This virus has the capacity to download other malware to your computer in addition to stealing end-used information. The computer has firewall features that help in fighting this virus, but the antivirus is not always effective implicating that there are instances where you may need to remove the virus manually.

Steps to adopt for manual removal

You can follow the following steps to manually remove Trojan horse virus from your computer:

  • Identify the Trojan: after identifying the files affected by this virus, then it can be easily removed. In most cases, your system will pop out a DLL error, which is linked to the Trojan attack.
  • Deactivate system restore function: forgetting this step means that the computer will restore the data that you delete.
  • Restart your machine: when you restart your computer, use function key 8 to help you start it in safe mode.
  • Go to Remove or Add Programs: you will locate this in the control panel section and then uninstall the applications infected with the Trojan virus.
  • Get rid of extensions: clean the windows system folder to ensure that all files of a program are deleted.

Once you have completed the above steps, restart your computer in normal mode.

Other approaches to removing the virus include:

Another intervention of getting rid of Trojan horse manually entails steps that may include:

  • Ensure the hidden folders are visible from the folder option.
  • Then restart the computer in safe mode.
  • Then halt all processes linked to Trojan virus.

But to ensure that these steps are complete, you must edit system’s registry.

Points to recall

To ensure that you have successfully moved the infected data from your registry, you will have to locate the information in your RUN folder.

Moreover, once you locate the folder, you must delete exe and dlls files associated with Trojan names and subsequently, erase the value. You should also determine which, programs start automatically when you switch your computer on.

Alright, I need assistance

Removing Trojan Horse virus manually is challenging. Nevertheless, with the current anti-malware software, the virus can be removed effectively. Plumbytes Anti-malware is the best software for eliminating the Trojan Horse virus and other malware from your computer.