Digital Tools to Help Maximize Employee Productivity

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Digital Tools to Help Maximize Employee Productivity

According to an article released in mid-July of 2017 by the New York Post, it’s estimated that, while at work, the average white collar worker wastes roughly five hours each week on activities that have nothing to do with his/her job. This includes using social media, playing games, checking sports stats, researching miscellaneous information, and more.


Taking a break every now and then seems harmless enough, but too much slacking can lead to a noticeable dip in performance at work. If you’re looking to boost productivity in your workplace, these are the top four digital tools for doing so.

Staff Monitoring Software

Staff monitoring software is designed to give management an up, close, and personal look at how employees are using their time at work. With this type of software, you can have access to internet usage tracking, screen monitoring and playback, keystroke logging, aggregated data, and much more. Staff monitoring software is arguably one of the most popular employee productivity solutions used in workplaces today.

Live Video Surveillance

Unfortunately, computers are not perfect and cannot record real-life events in the office without the use of camera technology. According to Pro-Vigil Video Monitoring, remote surveillance is one solution that many companies have picked due to its many advantages; live video surveillance is becoming increasingly more popular as a technique for managers who want to keep tabs on employee activity. This type of surveillance can typically be accessed from anywhere an internet connection is present, and feeds can even be viewed straight from a mobile device. It is especially useful for managers who travel or are away from the work site frequently.

Project Management Software

If employees are having a hard time keeping tabs on multiple projects and tasks at once, project management software is a popular and proven solution. This type of software specifically makes it easy to visually keep projects organized and in order on a consistent basis. Whether your team is working collaboratively on one large project, or if everyone is assigned different smaller tasks, this type of software will make managing it all a breeze.

Workplace Messengers

At face value, instant messengers seem counter-productive, but with a tiny bit of surveillance and a handful of parameters, they can be the reason behind your workplace’s next big efficiency boost. Messenger software makes it easy for employees and management to communicate with coworkers, eliminating the need for physically relaying messages. Memos can be fired off with a click, and there will be fewer reasons for employees to be out of their seats wasting time on the clock.